How we add Oomph

There are many different ways we can help you add oomph.  Each and every one of them will be tailored specifically to you and your business.

We work with individuals, with SMEs and also with large corporate businesses on a variety of projects.  These range in size and complexity. At one end there’s individual coaching and one-off events such as a team effectiveness session. At the other end, we also get involved with more complex strategic projects around customer experience or talent and leadership development.

We are able to deliver engaging solutions in face to face environment as well as virtually….in fact we’re finding that we can maximise the oomph with a blend of both!

Oomph Values

Naturally Collaborative

We’ll work with you to develop long term partnerships that add significant value to your business and unlock potential in a way you never thought possible.  Your business success is our business success.

Constantly Curious

We’re naturally interested in people and what makes them tick.   We’re always keen to understand your business and how you operate, keeping an open mind to see what we can learn!  This allows us to get under the skin to uncover what’s really going on, so that we can create truly bespoke solutions that work for you.

Focussed on keeping it real

We believe in remaining authentic to you, your business and your values. We’ll work with you to uncover the ‘real’ issues, unravel the ‘real’ challenges, identify ‘real’ opportunities, generate ‘real’ bespoke solutions that deliver ‘real’ results and add ‘real’ value.

Believing everyone has potential

We’re passionate about people and we believe everyone has potential to be awesome. We’ll work with you to unlock the potential of the individuals and teams within your business and help develop your oomph!

Community focussed

We love contributing to and supporting the communities where we live and work, especially those that help young people to develop skills and find their unique talents!

Challenging the status quo in a creative way

We know the world is changing – and what worked before might not work now. We explore every option and leave no stone unturned in our pursuit of new and exciting ways to develop your people. We constantly ask ‘what’s the right thing to do now?’ rather than just do what’s been right in the past

We believe that people learn the most in a fun, challenging, supportive environment and that allows the creative juices to flow- and we will help them get there.

About me

“Kerry, can I tell you something? Whenever I work with you on a learning project, you inspire and excite me like no one else in L&D ever has…..not only do you challenge and stretch my thinking, but you always help me to be best I can be.”

When Kerry heard those words from a trusted colleague of many years, she knew she had made the right decision to move into a Learning and Development role. She knew this was where she could deliver the things that were most important to her; inspiring people to unlock their potential then delivering performance improvement and ‘real’ results to the bottom line. In two words? She adds value – on both a personal and business level.

Kerry had this ‘eureka’ moment 20 years ago. She’d joined Safeway (you might remember the supermarket chain that Morrison’s bought?) after graduating from Sheffield Hallam University with a degree in Food Marketing (yes, that’s really a degree!) As a graduate trainee, it quickly became clear that her passion was people – being around them, getting to know them and understanding what makes them tick. After her final placement on the retail training team, she made the decision that not only changed her life but the hundreds of colleagues that she would then go onto work with.


She decided that the only role that would truly satisfy her would be in learning and development.

She threw herself into this new direction and continues to love developing herself as much as others; CIPD Advanced Level 7 Certificate in Human Resource Development, NLP Practitioner and accredited Clarity4D Business Partner are a few of the achievements that she’s gained over the last few years. The latter has allowed her to use her love of the language of colour to help individuals, teams and businesses to gain a deeper understanding of themselves in order to improve performance, relationships and team effectiveness.

Fast forward twenty years from that eureka moment – Kerry still lives and breathes learning and development. Nothing excites her more than helping to inspire and excite individuals and businesses about opportunities they never thought possible; helping them achieve what they’d only dreamed about and giving them that ooomph they’d been looking for!

And in case you were wondering, Kerry lives in Cheshire with her husband Andy and her two teenage daughters.


It’s clear that Kerry is a seasoned professional. In particular with Project Mackenzie, it was good to see that she was confidently able to deal with a variety of behaviours in a calm and considered way allowing things to flow and everyone to feel comfortable in the environment. 

What impressed me most though was Kerry’s “team player” mentality, a desire to contribute pre the program as well as post her own individual performance. This was clearly evidenced in going through her material before the event, adapting to the situation on the ground at the event, and then feeding back with me in order to deliver take homes for the delegates in the follow up session.

Thank you Kerry and I look forward to working with you again

Nze Kriss Kezie Akabusi – MBE MA OLY PgDip Management (Ashridge)

Kerry is an unstoppable force of fresh ideas, creativity and passion for delivery. In a few years we worked together she’s helped me develop myself, trained me to be the best trainer I can be and we also had an opportunity to brainstorm and deliver some cracking projects together. Her style is pure energy, intertwined with passion and underlined with infectious positivity, forever inspiring.

Kasia Demko – Regional Manager 

Kerry is a first class strategic learning and development professional. She takes the time to understand your business and its needs and the develops a training structure that actually delivers on those objectives.

When it comes to delivery, you will struggle to find a more friendly, professional and energetic facilitator that engages you on all levels. Kerry is a class act, and I would strongly recommend her as a partner for any business.

Gareth Twohey – Commercial Director at Civils & Lintels

Kerry has done an amazing job taking the scope of the project and delivering a first-class project through to completion. At every step of the way we had timely checks in to ensure we were on track and keeping to what was needed.

The icing on the cake was the delivery of training Kerry set out to our Regional Managers, who loved the high levels of engagement and enthusiasm for the project.

I am now already looking forward to working with Kerry on our next project

Simon Dennis – Operations Director at Tile Giant

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