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Welcome to Oomph!

We are a specialist learning, development and performance improvement business. We create inspiring solutions that build capability, drive engagement and deliver real results to the bottom line.

Through a blend of our consulting and performance improvement solutions, we help individuals, teams and businesses to develop their oomph….whatever that looks like for them.

What Oomph can we add?


Leadership Development

Team Effectiveness

Customer Experience

Youth Development

1. Sales

What could adding a little oomph to the approach your sales team adopt do for their performance and more importantly, the relationships they have with their customers?

We are an endorsed Training Partner for the Institute of Sales Management Education, which means our materials, methods and standards are assessed to ensure their quality against the National Occupational Standards for Sales.

We can work with individual sales executives, or wider sales teams to help develop their sales capability.  This could be on a short term basis by providing bite sized, or one day focussed sessions in a number of areas, or we can partner with you to create a more longer term strategic solution. 

For example, we have worked with sales organisations to research, design, deliver and embed their customer journey, building a learning strategy to support the engagement, evolution and embedding of this within their business.

Whatever level of oomph you’re looking to achieve, get in touch to see if we can help.

2. Leadership Development

In a recent poll by Gallup, only one in ten people were found to be ‘natural’ leaders; the remaining nine out of ten needed some level of support to help them develop into great leaders who were able to motivate and inspire their teams effectively.

In our 20 plus years’ experience, we have certainly found this to be true for most businesses.  Typically we have found leaders have progressed to leading teams with little to no experience in this space, which can lead to all sorts of performance challenges…. but it doesn’t need to be like that!

Here at oomph we’re passionate about helping leaders, especially those that have recently stepped into a leadership role, to really find their feet.

We can help your leaders to develop their oomph by working with you to create tailored, bespoke solutions that are aligned to your business vision and values. They could involve a blend of virtual or face to face sessions and experiences, supported by individual or peer coaching and mentoring…the options and opportunities are endless.

However, you’re looking to add oomph to your leadership teams, get in touch for a free oomph consultation.

3. Team Effectiveness

A great team is not simply a group of great individuals. 

A great team is made up of individuals who share a clear purpose, understand each other’s perspectives and know how to leverage team strengths and opportunities to achieve their common purpose.

We help organisations to create environments which encourage this to happen.  Using the language of colour, we provide insight, develop self awareness, build effective relationships and ultimately improve team performance.

Don’t just take our word for it, scroll down to see what our clients say in the Recommendations section.

4. Customer experience

Delivering outstanding customer experience should be at the core of every business.  Here at oomph, we’re passionate about this!

How often do your customer facing teams actively look for opportunities to delight your customers?

What could adding more oomph to your customer experience do for your business and your customers?

We can partner with you to help develop a strategic approach to Customer Experience, or work with individuals or teams on their personal approach.

Either way, helping individuals to understand their preferences and what makes them tick, is a great foundation.  Appreciating that not everyone sees the world in the same way and in order to deliver outstanding and memorable customer experiences, we need to view the world from our customers perspective.

Whatever option you’re looking to achieve, we’d love to talk to you about your options.


5. Youth Development

We recognise that today’s youth are tomorrow’s leaders and are passionate about developing their skills and helping them discover the foundations of who they are from an early age.

Understanding more about your own strengths and preferences using the language of colour are some of the basic building blocks of self awareness.  Once you recognise these in yourself, it becomes easy to appreciate them in others and that’s where the magic happens!

Having worked with leadership teams, teachers and students in schools and colleges, we know just how transformational the language of colour can be when used within educational settings.   

On a personal level, it is an area that I am super passionate about and would love to work with more forward-thinking schools looking for innovative ways to engage students and improve outcomes.  If that sounds like you, please do get in touch!


It’s clear that Kerry is a seasoned professional. In particular with Project Mackenzie, it was good to see that she was confidently able to deal with a variety of behaviours in a calm and considered way allowing things to flow and everyone to feel comfortable in the environment. 

What impressed me most though was Kerry’s “team player” mentality, a desire to contribute pre the program as well as post her own individual performance. This was clearly evidenced in going through her material before the event, adapting to the situation on the ground at the event, and then feeding back with me in order to deliver take homes for the delegates in the follow up session.

Thank you Kerry and I look forward to working with you again

Nze Kriss Kezie Akabusi – MBE MA OLY PgDip Management (Ashridge)

Kerry is an unstoppable force of fresh ideas, creativity and passion for delivery. In a few years we worked together she’s helped me develop myself, trained me to be the best trainer I can be and we also had an opportunity to brainstorm and deliver some cracking projects together. Her style is pure energy, intertwined with passion and underlined with infectious positivity, forever inspiring.

Kasia Demko – Regional Manager 

Kerry is a first class strategic learning and development professional. She takes the time to understand your business and its needs and the develops a training structure that actually delivers on those objectives.

When it comes to delivery, you will struggle to find a more friendly, professional and energetic facilitator that engages you on all levels. Kerry is a class act, and I would strongly recommend her as a partner for any business.

Gareth Twohey – Commercial Director at Civils & Lintels

Kerry has done an amazing job taking the scope of the project and delivering a first-class project through to completion. At every step of the way we had timely checks in to ensure we were on track and keeping to what was needed.

The icing on the cake was the delivery of training Kerry set out to our Regional Managers, who loved the high levels of engagement and enthusiasm for the project.

I am now already looking forward to working with Kerry on our next project

Simon Dennis – Operations Director at Tile Giant

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