Oomph Colour Profiling

What is Colour Profiling?

In a nutshell it’s all about understanding yourself and others on a deeper level, using colour as a simple, common language.

It’s based on the work of Swiss Psychologist Carl Jung and uses four colours (red, yellow, green and blue) to represent observable behavioural patterns.

When people truly understand themselves; the way they make decisions, how they see the world, where they get their energy and why they react to certain situations in certain ways, the results can be truly transformational.

Why do we love colour??

Colour profiling is at the heart of everything we do here at Oomph, simply because we believe any personal development journey is enhanced with a deeper understanding of yourself.

Here at Oomph, we are licensed and accredited to use a number of different tools, including Insights© and Clarity4D©.  

This means we can offer a wide choice of profile options for different audiences, as well as tools and resources that can be delivered virtually or in person.

Team DyNAmics

It has been suggested, that only 10% of teams can be truly considered high-performing, 40% developing and the remaining 50%, producing satisfactory results.

Where would your team rate?  What could adding some oomph to your team do for its effectiveness?

 To answer these questions effectively, you need to have a benchmark of your team’s performance…. this is exactly what Team DyNAmics does.

If you are able to measure how effectively your team is performing, you can understand what is working well and what is proving a challenge.

You can then discuss and agree practical ideas, with your colleagues, to improve team performance and then monitor the impact these changes have had, at an agreed future date.

This is how the Team DyNAmics Model is helping teams achieve high-performance and even greater success.

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